Success Stories

We have worked with businesses and entrepreneurs in a multitude of industries including doctors, researchers, scientists, cybersecurity, construction, public health consultants, CPAs, massage therapists, restaurant owners, music teachers, biotech companies, software developers, dentists, and many more. It would be our privilege to be a part of YOUR SUCCESS STORY.

  1. No job offers and only few publications? No Problem: We have obtained approvals for many cases for medical consultants where they are located outside of the US and therefore unable to obtain a job offer. These consultants sometimes also only have a few publications. There is a misunderstanding that to qualify for the National Interest Waiver of the job offer requirement and to self-petition, you must have at least a certain number of publications. That is not true. It depends on your other accomplishments. Even with just a few publications, you can get a green card if you have a plan and show that you are the best person to carry forward that plan.
  2. A low-investment home-based business: When Clients come to us with the wish to obtain an E-2 visa, they were often surprised to find out that you do not need a large amount of investment, as long as it is a legitimate business. We have done many with initial investments of less than $50,000. One of our clients built a service-based business working at home, with space for her employees to also work there. Her initial investment was $25,000. She went to Canada for processing and her case was approved without a hitch.
  3. Someone with no bachelor’s degree: We had a client whose application for another type of work visa was denied, and we went back to the drawing board to craft a new immigration strategy for his company. He did not obtain a bachelor’s degree for personal reasons, but he created a phenomenal software application for anyone to use. Our research discovered various testimonials of the app stating how it had the potential to alleviate poverty for many users, which he did not know was out there. His self-petition as an individual of exceptional ability was approved without a Request for Evidence.
  4. A private household needing a trustworthy caretaker: We had a client with a housekeeper that they wanted to hire to be a full-time nanny for their child simply because this foreign national had been working for them for years and had taken on tasks above and beyond her housekeeping duties. She had become a “friend” to this family. In this case, how can you expect this family to go through the recruitment process needed by the US Department of Labor (DOL) to establish that there is no one else more willing and able to take care of your own child? We worked within the confines of the legal requirements to strategically puzzle together her work experience, her recommendation letters, and her prospective job duties. After the recruitment process, of course, there was an audit (as is common for domestic positions), but US DOL certified that there were no US workers available, and the household was able to permanently have their trusted nanny.
  5. A small business with no other employees: We are often humbled by the relationships of our small-business clients and the foreign national employees that they wish to sponsor. The PERM labor certification is a long and arduous process; we provide resources to make it as easy for our employer clients as possible. Sometimes, these employees may have taken over operations, accounts receivables, accounts payables, etc. To lose someone who has become such an integral part of the business just because their visas may be expiring could be devastating for the small business. For these cases, we work hard to collect alternative documents and draft detailed personal statements for our clients for them to be approve in the labor certifications process. Then, with USCIS, many of these small businesses also may not have the savings or past pay records to establish the “ability to pay” requirement. We help you collect alternative financial documents and organize them so USCIS can quickly get to what they need to issue a favorable decision.