What To Expect In A Legal Strategy Session with Zoe

A Legal Strategy Session is where we take a deep dive into the facts of your case, your hopes and dreams, what you hope to achieve working with our law firm, and how we can help you get there. 

In this meeting, we will provide you with all of the legal options available to you to make the decision about the next steps in obtaining permanent residency or work visa in the U.S., regardless of whether you retain us to work on the case or not. Every case is unique and we want give your case the individualized attention that it deserves. Because of this, a “quick phone call” will not be able to answer all of your case-specific questions in-depth. 

What Happens When You Schedule A Legal Strategy Session ($250)

  1. CASE ASSESSMENT: As soon as you schedule, Attorney Zoe begins assessing your case and all your options with the information you provide. We may contact you for documents or with questions, so please keep an eye out for our emails as we prepare for this meeting.
  1. DURING THE MEETING: Attorney Zoe will learn more about you and your company if needed to determine what the best visa and/or green card options are. If more than one option is available, we will provide guidance on the pros and cons of each. All of your questions are important and will be answered in-depth, even if it takes more than the scheduled time.

Strategy Sessions are also beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs who are currently in school or working for another employer. While you have a valid visa, you would be best-positioned to plan your next steps without the pressure of an expiring status. We can craft a personal immigration strategy for those who are seeking to start their own business while studying or working for another company.

Oftentimes, a prospective client believes they are out of options and we are able to successfully craft a new strategy for them to work or start a company in the US. If you proceed to work with us, we will apply that fee toward the legal fees for that case.

If you have a legal issue you would like to discuss with our firm, please call us at (617) 871-0788 or use the form below.

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