Employer-Sponsored Green Card: A Seamless Path to Permanent Residency

Unlock the doors to a green card through employment sponsorship with our expert guidance. Whether you’re seeking opportunities under the EB-2 category for advanced degree holders or those with exceptional ability or the EB-3 category for skilled and unskilled workers, having an employer sponsor you is a strategic pathway to permanent residency.

Why Choose an Employer-Sponsored Green Card?

Versatility for Employers:

– Ideal for hiring domestic help, recruiting skilled workers, and bringing in talents such as chefs for restaurants.

– Suited for small businesses aiming to enhance their workforce.

Proven Success Stories:

– Explore our success stories to witness how we’ve successfully navigated the employer-sponsored green card process for various professionals.

Navigating the Process

Our comprehensive approach ensures that every step adheres to the intricate regulations, guaranteeing a smooth journey from job description to permanent residency.

  1. Crafting a Precise Job Description:
    We meticulously draft job descriptions to set the foundation for a seamless process.
  1. US Department of Labor (DOL) Registration:
    We guide you through registering with the DOL Employment and Training Administration, responding to any Requests for Information.
  1. Prevailing Wage Determination:
    Obtain a prevailing wage determination from the US Department of Labor to establish fair compensation.
  1. Strategic Recruitment:
    We assist in strategically posting recruitment notices with the State Workforce Agency, Notice of Filing, and Newspaper Advertisements.
  1. Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) Labor Certification (ETA9089):
    Navigate the complexities of PERM Labor Certification, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  1. Audit Response:
    Address any audits promptly, leveraging our expertise to navigate unexpected challenges.
  1. I-140 Petition Filing:
    File the I-140 employment-based green card petition, showcasing your employer’s financial capacity and your relevant experience.
  1. I-485 Adjustment of Status:
    File the I-485 adjustment of status to transition to permanent residency, including work and travel permit applications.

Why Partner With Us?

Expert Guidance: Our experienced team ensures precision at every stage.

Custom Solutions: Tailored advice based on your unique employment and immigration goals.

Efficiency: Streamlined processes to minimize delays and expedite your journey.

Start Your Journey Today

Embark on your journey towards permanent residency with the support of seasoned immigration professionals. Contact us for a consultation and let us pave the way for your successful transition to a green card through employer sponsorship. Your future in the U.S. begins here.