Employment-Based Petitions


For most EB-2 and EB-3 petitions, the first step is the PERM Recruitment and Labor Certification process. This can be the most daunting and time consuming process for employers In the event that your case is chosen for  audit, if this process is done incorrectly, this can lead to penalties in the form of a fine and/or imprisonment. Unfortunately, this process and the prohibitive costs associated with it can deter many employers from hiring the foreign workers that they so desperately need.

Our firm has the resources and technology to conduct this process at a much lower cost than the traditional law firms. Our goals align with those of our small business clients. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that you hire the right employee with a peace of mind about the recruitment process and without breaking your bank.

The PERM process begins with obtaining the Prevailing Wage Determination from the US Department of Labor. But prior to that, we sit down with you and explain the process to you. While we can neither observe nor conduct your recruitment interviews (as is required by law), we will give you a binder like the one pictured below, explaining and organizing the hiring process from beginning to finish. We travel to your site to ensure that the notices are posted correctly, we check your online postings for you, and we can even contact the local newspaper for you. Most importantly, we will maintain constant contact with the state and federal departments of labor to ensure that any problems are solved immediately and that they do not delay on issuing a decision.